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CPI Foam Ltd are now Certified as being the only Spray Foam Insulation that is tested to Current Building Regulations 2010. Don't settle for anything else. Stay warm this winter and save money. DONT LEAVE IT TOO LATE TO INSULATE. Contact us now and we will have a trained contractor call to your home for a Free Quote and advice on choosing spray foam insulation.

Spray Foam Insulation Benefits

Energy EfficiencyEnergy Efficiency

Environmental BenefitsEnvironmental Benefits

No Health IssuesNo Health Issues

Sound ControlSound Control

Indoor Air QualityIndoor Air Quality

Spray Foam Contractors

Spray foam insulation will bring new levels of efficiency, function, and design to those in the professional building industry. CPI Foam Ltd offers a selection of various products that assure builders freedom in their designs, structural integrity, simplified construction, and more. The entire building process will benefit from CPI Foam Limited's Spray Foam Solutions.

Spray Foam Contractor Benefits

Increased FlexibilityIncreased Flexibility

Simplified ConstructionSimplified Construction

Healthy LivingHealthy Living

Structural EnhancementStructural Enhancement

Lifetime PerformanceLifetime Performance

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Spray foam insulation services

Can spray foam be sprayed directly onto felt?

To comply with Irish Building Regulations ALL types of spray foam or boards must have a 50 mm air gap, this is to ensure that the air coming in from your soffit allows the timbers to breath and elimnate any build up of condensation.

There is only one instant when you can spray or install boards directly to breathable felt, this is when the roof has been counter battened and the 50mm air gap is on the outside of the roof.

Beware of some companies that say 'they have certification direct to felt' this is not the case for Ireland.

Always check with a qualified architect, remember it is YOUR ROOF don't be fooled.

Breathable vent card

breathable vent card

Our system is totally breathable due to the use of our own fully breathable Vent Card as seen in the diagram above. This card allows us to create an air gap as per Building Regulations.


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NSAI Presentation

Maurice Buckley (NSAI), Stephen Driver, Feargal Driver and John Perry TD (Minister for Small Business)


Building regulations

(As per building regulations a 50mm air gap must be left before the foam can be sprayed!)

spray foam architect pack

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Desmopol - liquid waterproofing membranes

We are proud to announce a new addition to our sprayed products. Desmopol is a liquid based singular component material made from pure polyurethane elastomer. Desmopol produces an elastic, continuous and completely waterproof membrane, making this product ideal for any kind of surface, whether it be a new build or a restoration.

Desmopol is weather and UV ray resistant as well as long lasting and durable. The polyurethane composition makes it compatible with all protections used in “Walk on” surfaces to achieve beautifully decorated floors and flat roofs. This makes Desmopol perfect for garden roofs, civil works, pool tiles and humid areas of any kind.

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New website announcement

We are pleased to announce U value spray foam insulation have just upgraded their website.

U value specialise in the application of all spray foam insulation services in Dublin, Leinster and the south east of Ireland.

For more information : www.uvaluesprayfoam.ie

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